Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving and a Birthday

This group of boys have been friends since the days of sharing a lunch table and trading away their snacks.  The boy in the middle is mine and he's 22 today...the boy on the left is as good as mine and he turned 21 a week ago.

Our families are like family and so we all packed up and went on a grand trip to Las Vegas.

Here's an overview:

Alex and his darling girlfriend, Emily.  

The drive was long, especially since one of my boys talked. the. whole. entire. way.  And it wasn't the normal chatty one.

I can't confirm or deny, but I do believe at one point that guy that I like so much may have used the words 'shut' and 'up' together in a sentence.

And not in a nice way.


Here is our big, blended family.


 Matthew lives there now and we were able to spend lots of time with him, too...and nope.  Not one family picture.  NOT ONE.

Christmas, people.  Prepare yourselves boys...I want a picture!


 Oh, and we met Matthew's girlfriends parents.  And we liked them.

A lot.

They could easily be 'our' people but I'm not saying that out loud.


 Aren't they cute?

 And then we drove the 4 hour drive home in 8 hours because every Tom, Dick and Harry was on the road driving we stopped and rode the roller coaster at State Line.

It was scary.  And bumpy. And totally worth it.

Poor Brian...he has a big 'ole cast and can't do much but we snuck him on this rickety, totally not up to code and not inspected since 1978 roller coaster.

We're good parents like that.

 We also stopped and ate at the Mad Greek and it was SO GOOD.  



Sorry for yelling.

So we drove home on Saturday and all I could think about was cooking a real Thanksgiving dinner and so, like a crazy person, the texts started going out and before I knew it there were 30 people in our little house on our little street the next day.  


I slept in, had some coffee and then made all the sides while the turkey roasted.  It was all so relaxed and made me so happy...all my favorite people sitting in the garden.


 The annual 'are you a pilgrim or (unpolitically correct) indian' picture.

They look thrilled but they were such good sports.

Menu board courtesy of my niece, Sophie.

The baby turkey calling for it's mom just killed me.


Buddy the dog got a short rib, which he buried.

I love that silly dog.

And today, this is all that's left.  A lone wine bottle and the tables all empty.  

I'll clean it up soon but our house is under construction right now (dry wall work in our kitchen) and I can't get in or I'm basically hibernating and doing all my online Christmas shopping.

Works for me.

So today my middle born is 22.  How can that be?  He's so grown up and so fun and man oh man, do I ever like him.  

Happy Birthday, Alex.  I'm going to cook you a yummy supper if I can ever get into the kitchen again.


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