Monday, November 16, 2015

A Real Weekend

This weekend ended up being such a gift...for the first time in I don't even know how long, we had a whole weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar.  Nothing at all.  No concerts (well...I think that guy that I like so much might've ditched one or two but please don't tell), no sports, no get togethers or parties or places we had to be.  

Just church on Sunday morning and nothing else.

In breaking news...I cooked.  Like real food rather than throw together food.  This whole one armed thing has been so sad and difficult and one of the things I have missed so much is cooking.  And eating.  But things in the arm department are slowly improving (though I had a super bad experience with a Dr and have for the first time ever decided to report a dr and get a 2nd opinion because this dr has been so rude and condescending) and I had a guy that I like so much here to help with the heavy lifting this whole weekend.

We're all happier.


Yesterday, on a beautiful, chilly Saturday, that guy that I like so much and I took our scaredy dog on a long hike that somehow started the whole day off to a really sweet start.  Lazy errands were run (and we kept running in to fun friends everywhere we went, which made it even more fun) and then we just hung out with our one armed boy.

He's healing, his pain is finally manageable and all is good.  8 1/2 more weeks in a cast, but who's counting?

The greatest thing about the weekend was that time seemed to stand still.  There was no where we needed to be and it felt like such a beautiful gift...a gift we are not taking for granted because from here on out, there is something every day of every weekend until Jesus is born.

And by the time He comes, we are all exhausted and need a nap.  Welcome to the life of a church worker.


The weather has finally changed here in SoCal and went from hot and humid to really super chilly...the kind of chilly where you wish you had the really great blanket from pottery barn but alas, your son had surgery and now you can't afford it kind of chilly.  The kind of chilly where you make a big pot of soup and watch hallmark movies.  The kind of chilly where staying in pj's all day is all you really want to do.

It's fabulous.  On a weekend, anyway.


Not much of anything important got accomplished this laundry was done, I didn't touch a broom, the bed never even got made.  All that is ok and it just didn't seem to measure on the 'what's important' scale this weekend.  I mean, I would have loved it if it would have magically all been done but tomorrow will come soon enough and I'll catch up all over again.

And that's perfectly ok.

I needed the down time.  The quiet.  Our whole family has been on the go and to be given a weekend to regroup?  Absolutely lovely.

But there was hard stuff, too.  Paris.  It's scary and so easy to point fingers and judge but wow, it's not an easy world that we are living in.  But I do know that all this, everything here, is just temporary and that is what I need to focus on.  But Jesus...come soon.  It's just too much.

And I'm ready for the week to begin.  There is work to be done and a house to be loved upon and it all seems ok right now.  I'm rested and I can honestly say it's been a long time since I've felt this way.

What a blessing.


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