Friday, November 6, 2015

Can I Take It Back?

This has been the week of all weeks and today I became 'that' person on the phone with someone who didn't deserve to be treated the way that I was behaving and now I feel totally bad but there's nothing I can do about it except remember and be nicer next time.

But seriously, I'm dealing with a boy with a super badly broken hand and dealing with insurance and schedulers and trying to get the MRI people to talk to the surgeon and oh, by the way, you had your MRI at the wrong place and now you need to have the whole thing done over again before your son's surgery can be scheduled and who cares if he needs to miss even MORE school and STOP THE ROLLER COASTER NOW.

Thanks for listening.  I needed to vent.


But let me talk (again) about my little neighborhood.  I texted my girlfriend and practically begged for her to make turkish tea yesterday afternoon.  Here's the deal...turkish tea isn't just the (delicious) tea, but it's an event.  It's how we treat espresso.  It's hot and brewed in a cool looking pot and then poured into these cool glass cups with glass saucers.

It's just neato bandito, man...and I just needed some badly.


While drinking my (two, very caffeinated) tea, I watched her make enchiladas...chicken enchiladas with squash and the next thing I knew my whole family was around their table.

Wednesday night, not planned, nothing fancy....and it was one of those really great, much needed nights.

Today, prior to being rude to all the people on the other end of the phone who didn't deserve it, I had an online work meeting.  I'm good at multi tasking and got so much work done during the meeting and at one point I looked up and this was what I saw:

I just love my little house on my little street...especially at this time of year.  The light in this house is out of this world...we have tons of windows and the light in the early part of the day is simply glorious.

It just made me happy.

I should have bottled that feeling and pulled it out later in the day.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is a new day...right?

Happy Friday, my friends.


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