Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Wednesday

Our summers, for the last 10 of them at least, have centered around following Matteo and his drum and bugle corps adventures.  For the last three years he's been an instructor and yet we still follow every move his group makes and I'll admit, this years show took a long, long time to grow on me.

And then, a few weeks ago, it clicked and I think it was one of their best shows ever.  Too late for the judges, which is way sad, but that guy that I like so much watched the last few performances live...hoping for a glimpse of our boy on the sidelines.

Lucky us, we did.


It's a grueling life.  Travel by bus for hours on end.  Sleep in a different gym every night.  Rehearse 12 hours a day and perform almost every night and then repeat the whole thing all over again in a different state.

This year Matthew chose to not take a break in the middle and stayed the whole summer and by the end he was just tired.

Really, really tired.

He flew in, slept a few hours, ate and then packed up his car and drove 5 hours home because he had to start back to work at 7:00am the next morning.

Poor guy.

In the meantime, Emily came for the weekend and life is a whole lot crazier when she is here.


That guy that I like so much is experimenting with making homemade bitters for his cocktails.  Every day he shakes and smells and gets all dreamy eyed at them which makes me laugh.

Only two more weeks until they're done.

My garden...MY GARDEN!

And, for the record, I have discovered that one of lifes greatest pleasures is picking green beans.  For reals.  I'm loving those green beans this year and there are so many of them!

Oh...and beets and radishes and cukes and zukes and poblanos and pumpkins.  Like, 50 pumpkins.

I planted 12 pumpkin plants thinking a few wouldn't take.  I was wrong.


Growing beets is easy.  Peeling baby beets?  Not so much.

Totally worth it though.

The weather is changing a bit...suppers in the garden are still suppers in the garden but as the sun goes down, a slight, very much welcomed chill sets in and I've actually had to grab a sweater the last few nights.

We're milking it for every moment and last night I finished reading The Girl on the Train while sitting under the twinkly lights and if you haven't read it, you should.  It was so good!

This boy...he's so sweet.  Does he have to grow up?  His girlfriends name is Briana and Matthew's girlfriend is Brianne and then there's my Brian...I've taken to just calling my people 'hey you'.

A mothers brain is an interesting thing.  I can remember what I ate 18 years ago but for the life of me I cannot remember to buy milk at the store, even when it is the ONLY thing on the list.


I've spent all of last week and most of this doing my online certification course for one of my programs.  It's a drag, plain and simple.

But guess what?  I passed with to fly across the country to do the classroom portion.

That guy that I like so much is away on a retreat, Alex is at the beach and Brian is at football.  The house is SO very quiet...and SO very clean.

I'm thinking there is a pedicure in the cards for today and a long walk with our silly dog.  Other than that?  Not much.  Not much at all.

So when Dad is away, suppers are interesting.  Tuna casserole is a crowd pleaser and something that guy that I like so much won't eat no matter what...mainly because it was the only thing I cooked for the first 6 months of our marriage.  I was creative though...I baked it, made it on the stove, and one time I even sliced it and put it in the toaster.  


I still like it...him, not so much.  I get it, but don't tell him that.


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