Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Falling Back Into A Routine

I'm sitting at my kitchen table and the house is blissfully quiet.  Alex is at a military work out, Brian is at the beach, that guy that I like so much is back at his office and I am finishing (ok...I haven't even started yet) an online certification class that I need for one of my out of state programs.

Oh, and I just ate half a pb&j and am sipping an ice cold diet dr pepper.

Paradise...except for the fact that we are in week three of hammering and banging outside my window and every gardener (which I truly am thankful for...really) in the free world is working out front (with blowers).

Can you hear it from where you are?  Probably.


I'm overstimulated and think I might just throw in the towel and go lay by the pool.

Our zucchini plants are prolific (my, that's a big word) this season and I've taken to picking the flowers and have stuffed them, fried them, tossed them in salads and my new favorite way?  Quiched them...as in, put them in a quiche.


I'm trying to wrap my brain around the fact that summer is over already.  I mean, it's still kinda here but then again, it's not.  It's still too hot for my hiking trail and on most days we've resorted to turning on our AC but I'm finding myself beginning to crave things like pot roast.  And a turkey dinner.  And beef stew.

And I've already purchased a few Christmas gifts.  For reals.

I'm also dwelling a bit too much on the things I haven't done that I thought I would've done.  Things like paint the house.  And tile the backsplash.  And watch Parenthood on Netflix.

But I need to keep my eye on the ball.  I've lunched with boys.  Broke bread with friends.  Dug in the dirt and played in the sand and taken long car rides with that guy that I like so much.

The house stuff is still going to be here.  My boys won't be and that's a place I cannot even begin to enter.  Yet.  So I won't.


The woman below spends her days mixing flour and water and patting and rolling and frying tortillas.    Her countenance seemed so peaceful and I couldn't help but wonder what she thinks about while she's working...laundry?  Children?  How annoying it is that people watch her all day long?  

I imagine her as having it all together at home just from the way she so calmly works.  It's funny how we think we can figure others out when we really have absolutely no clue about what the real story is.  

Those tortillas, by the way?  Phenomenal.  

I'm cooking an oven meal tonight after biting the bullet and self cleaning the oven most of the day.  I hate the smell when I do that so it's a necessity to cook something that will make the house smell good...roasted chicken with onions and garlic and potatoes with homemade biscuits and honey on the side.

Probably one of my menfolks favorite meals.

It feels good to have some sort of routine again...I can't believe I'm even saying that.  Remind me of that next month when I'm dreaming of long, lazy, stay in my pj's all day sort of days, ok?


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