Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This summer we spent more hours than I can count talking about moving from our little house on our little street.  It just seemed to feel like maybe a calling...a calling towards something even more simple than how we are currently living, which to some might seem silly but to us does not.

In the end we've decided to stay put.  But in the mail last week came a letter from our association saying that we have violated the 'six inch rule'...which basically means that ONE BRANCH of our palm tree is touching our fence.


I took a giant clipper thingy and attacked the stupid tree so that it is in no way (and won't be for the next decade) touching the fence.  And before you think that we hate our association, well...you're kinda sorta right.  We love it.  We hate it.  We get a TON for our money and it's beautiful and safe but come on, it's a tree branch.  ONE tree branch.

So, I've decided to make a BIG sign for the front door of a large ruler that says, in HUGE letters:

"We honor the six inch rule in this house."

The more I say it, the harder I laugh...but all the males in my house don't think it's funny.  At all.


In other news...the world is coming to an end, otherwise known as 'I cooked lamb.'

I don't 'do' lamb...but like I said, the world must be ending.

In my defense, I had a bad lamb experience 22 years ago.  I was pregnant with my middle born son, 5 months into HG and horribly ill and that guy that I like so much made lamb.  I ate it and then, like everything else, I barfed it.

Bye, bye lamb...but guess what?  I might be coming around.  Slowly.


Our whole lives are now in five boxes.  That's it.  Five boxes.  Feels good to be organized and simplified and able to find things rather quickly.

Now to get rid of all the crud that is in the attic but for now it is way too hot to deal with that.  I'm tired of stuff...and everyone around me is tired of hearing about how tired I am of stuff.


The early mornings are slowly beginning and the only one who is adjusting well is BuddytheDog.  He loves that someone is up with him and talking to him and feeding him and taking him out to pee on his favorite tree before any other dog in the neighborhood has had time to christen it.

As for me, I'm yawning.  A lot.  

I need to settle into a routine...one that involves work and hiking and laundry and cooking and everything else that needs to be done but I'm struggling to figure it all out.  I'm just kinda wandering from thing to thing and drinking a LOT of coffee all day long.

Our garden is still in full bloom though the pumpkins are pretty close to being ready to pick.  Oops.  I thought I had timed them better but the weather has been so hot and humid that they are all turning orange right now.

Maybe I'll decorate for autumn now and just pretend it's October?

We just finished watching The Astronaut Wives Club and are looking to watch something new....we're not big TV watchers at all, in fact, we can go a whole week without turning it on.  But sometimes it's nice to have some stuff taped for when we do want to watch.

Oh, and I just finished reading The Last Plane Out of Saigon which was about the Vietnam War and it was really interesting.  And sad...but good.  I guess I'm needing a new book, too...and am kinda leaning towards rereading Harry Potter.   I just love those books...and the movies, too.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Brian...his first day of his senior year.


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