Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning

I miss this space and the time I spend writing about not much of anything.  I like being able to look back and see what life was like, what I was feeling, what I was eating and who I was feeding...and I need to get back to that place where I make the time to write.

I've slacked on my quiet time lately...and I feel it.  Time to change that.


Spring has sprung in SoCal...our two gardens are literally bursting with life.  Our backyard garden is gorgeous...the fruit trees are all full of blooms and our fig tree looks so happy and I'm praying for a bumper crop later this summer.  

The big garden is looking good, too...there are winter tomatoes and zucchini growing and a bunch of herbs and I'm toying with ripping out the grapevines this year.  I know, I know...but they take up so much space and produce super seedy grapes and not enough at that to do much with them.

We'll see.  I might give them one more chance.

Awhile back we squeezed all the limes from our tree and froze the juice...and the other night I was able to make a simple lime pie.


I'd offer you some but we ate the whole flippin' thing which means there's gonna be some major hiking happening this week.  

Worth every bite.

This past weekend I was so incredibly grumpy.  Like, majorly grumpy.  No clue as to why, but pretty much every breathing male was driving me absolutely crazy for no reason at all....well, except for the fact that they were male.


And then at 5:00pm on Sunday night I got a text from our neighbors saying 'come for dinner' and I didn't even fact, I threw on my flip flops and ran out the door.

Who am I to say no?

That guy that I like so much, after two major concerts this weekend, church, an all day event and some other things thrown in for good measure grabbed his bar book and shaker and fell into his 'other' job as a mixologist.

Cocktails are an art and a science and a necessity to life.


We had cocktails and ate yummy food and laughed at every single little thing...all our kids were around and it was exactly what the Dr ordered and I slowly, slowly felt my bad mood disappear.


Laughter really is the best medicine.  And so are friends who listen to you wallow and finally tell you to shut up.


My trio were all home this weekend.  Not sure why I was feeling so grumpy when I had all three sleeping under my roof....I mean, this is what I live for.  

They were fun...and loud together all weekend and to this day, as almost grown ups, they cannot keep their hands off each other.

I've tried, people.  I've tried.

Nor can they cooperate for photos.


Happy Monday, my friends.  There is bark to lay in the big garden, a Dr appt, a birthday happy hour tonight and a house to well as laundry, which was ignored all weekend, to be done today.  Oh yeah...and work.

I've had my quiet time, read through a few psalms (91 was a good one today), am on my 2nd cup of coffee and woke up to my last morning for awhile of having all three of my boys home....and I'm feeling thankful.  

And ready for this week to begin.  


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