Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Yesterday was one of those days where I was on the go from the time I woke up until the time I plopped myself on the couch sometime after the sun had set.  Days like that don't happen in my world very often and I'm thankful for that, but yowza was I ever tired.

But the work got done...even the ugly work stuff, the laundry was caught up, the fridge cleaned out of all leftovers and all the emails in my inbox?


(Matteo's girlfriend Brianne)

This last week has been fun...my middle boy's girlfriend is home from UC Santa Barbara and she adds quite a spark when she is around.  The week before, Matthew was visiting from out of town along with his girlfriend and I love, love, love when they are around.

This whole girl thing in the house has changed a few things...mainly, there are two (for now) extra people who are allowed to use my bathroom.


Someone once told me to not get attached...to not fall in love until there are rings involved.  I've failed.  I love.  How could I not?  I have to say...it is so fun to see these boys of mine enter this stage. To see the way they treat someone other than their brothers...well, maybe they have learned something from us after all.

And before you think they are all great and perfect, please know they STILL leave dishes on the counter and are no where near mature enough to ever be allowed to use my bathroom.


I got up early this morning while it was still dark out, made a pot of strong coffee and sat down in the quiet with my Bible.  I read some Psalms and wrote some thoughts and prayed...but my prayers are feeling very disjointed lately.  I start, my mind wanders and I just can't seem to form a sentence.  I've been in this place before and it's time's like this where I need to rely on what I know is true...that God knows my heart and hears my unspoken prayers.

I am leaning so heavily on that right now.  This 'disconnect' that I'm feeling right now is beginning to make me feel a bit lost lately...almost like I'm a kite blowing in the wind.  The one holding the string has a very strong grip but the wind is blowing so strong that I'm being tossed all around.  

I don't like it.

I remember these boys...the dirty knees and crooked glasses and bowl haircuts.  These life stages, from littles to bigs to adding girls...they make for a fun journey in life, don't they?


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