Sunday, March 8, 2015

Home and a Goodbye

I'll admit...I didn't want to leave paradise.  I wasn't ready to go back to work, to laundry, to bills.  

The morning of our return back to the mainland, that guy that I like so much and I soaked up every last minute on the beach.

It was...perfect.  

I just love visiting Hawaii so much.  Mahalo...see you in 4 years.

I actually had a moment of fear before getting on the plane and I'm not usually a nervous flyer.  Something about my boys not being there and about having so many incredibly talented college students with us and flying for 6 hours over nothing but the Pacific Ocean and, well...I got a lump in my throat.

But I smiled and buckled up and then as we took off I looked out the window.

Thank you, God.  I needed that.


But first...we took an airplane selfie because we're cool like that.


Arriving home at 3:00am was a bit brutal.  Having to wake up at 5:30am for work was even more so.

But then I had coffee in my hula girl mug and the weather took a turn for the best and all was good.

I cooked supper and the neighborhood came over and we lounged for hours in the garden eating and drinking wine and laughing and talking.  The family room was over flowing with youngins' and I just kept thinking that while that beach was so warm and quiet and perfect, there truly is nothing like being home.

This weekend our rescue pooch napped in the sunshine while that guy that I like so much planted the spring garden.  This dog of ours...he's come so far.  It's taken over a year to get him to come into our backyard and the fact that he's comfortable enough to lay down?  Pretty cool.  He was left outside for years with no shelter, no water, very little food and was never let inside...pretty safe to say his life is a bit different now.

He's like me now...he loves the sun.  He also loves sleeping on the couch, but we won't talk about that in public.


Saturday night we gathered all the neighborhood in our little house on our little street and honored our Kyle, a neighborhood boy who left the next afternoon for basic training.  He is like one of my own and when my own was going through dark times, Kyle was the friend who was always there as a role model for my boy.

Please pray for him.  The Army is beyond lucky to have him but he has a family and friends who are really missing him already.  

On a side 5'4", I didn't think I was that short.  I guess I am.


I made a huge pot of gravy and meatballs today and the house smells so good.  The laundry is pretty much caught up...I'll finish that up tomorrow.  I squeezed in a very hot afternoon hike and I'm feeling's time to get a regular routine down again, so at some point on Monday I'll be out on my trail.

Other than that...I'm feeling rested and ready to jump back into real life.

I think.


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