Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Formal 2015

I've been traveling and just returned home...but before I left the youngest shrub in our little house on our little street went to Winter Formal.  Our school doesn't do a formal Homecoming so they throw in this dance at the end of the semester.

Pictures are always at the lake at the end of our street and the dance is held at Knott's Berry Farm.  Yeah...Knott's.  They get all dressed up and while the dance part is in their huge hall, the kids all spend most of their time riding roller coasters while dressed to the nines.


Uh huh.


Brian has a sweet girlfriend named Brianna.  Not to be confused with Matthew's sweet girlfriend who is named Brianne.  The good Lord knows I can't even remember my own childrens names, so why not give them all the same name?


After pictures they boarded a party bus...basically we all pitch in and rent a huge limo bus to take them and bring them home.  Along the way they stop for dinner...this year?

In n Out.

Perfect for a bunch of basketball guys and their dates.

These guys have played ball together for a long time; it's fun to see them all together and dressed up.

This was our 11th winter formal.  11th.  It's all winding down more and we'll be done.  Not sure how I'm feeling about's such a fun ride that we're on.


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