Friday, February 20, 2015

A Bunch Of Random Stuff

A month ago I was reunited with these cool cats; we spent hours upon hours sitting in this driveway when we were young.  Going back in time does funny things to makes you remember where you came from and where you've been and what you've become and how very, very, very blessed of a life you've lived.

I used to sneak out of my house (next door) to sit on that driveway.  Pretty sure I could've just walk out the front door but what thrill is in that?


All snug in my bed the other night and I hear clanking from the kitchen.  Turns out he'll clean up any leftover food left on the counter while we're asleep.  

But sweet is he?

(Don't ask that guy that I like so much...)


My trail.  Yes, it's mine.  Soon to be switched out for another trail once the weather warms just a bit more because the creepy crawly snakes come out when the the temps go up...but until then?  It's mine.

Lets of deep thinking and praying going on out there and it's healing.  And hard.  And good.

Florida gave me the most glorious storm while I was there...thunder and lightening and my oh my.  This program is a bit of a thorn...and bit of a rose, if that makes sense but that storm helped ground me a bit.  Made me feel small at a time when I needed to be made small.

Yeah...I face timed my dog.  Well, I was face timing my houseful of boys and BuddytheDog got in on the action.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

THIS quesadilla.  Steak, black bean and fried plantains.

For reals.

Think they deliver from 2,500 miles away?

Airplanes over freeways.

Odd, yet kinda cool.


A Valentine's gift from one of my boys girlfriends.

Sweet and cute.  

I have totally failed in the creativity department.

It's Friday and the I'm off to hike a few more miles.  There's a basketball snack bar to work tonight, so I've got a pot of soup ready to go to feed the family.  That guy that I like so much has a packed weekend but I've got pretty much nothing going on...and I can't wait.


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