Wednesday, February 25, 2015


After 7 years of running the basketball snack bar, with this being my view for all the home games...I'm retiring.  For reals this time.  Next year I want to watch my boy (who will be a senior) play while I sit in the stands.

I'm putting this in writing as proof to myself.


Two things.

The candied bacon and ricotta bruschetta was incredible


I am so making that palazzo punch for a garden party this year.

That guy that I like so much and I have been like ships passing in the night.  He's been working 7 days a week and while I know it's the season, I miss him.  A lot.  We did the completely geriatric thing and had a 5:15pm dinner at Maggiano's because it was all he had time for.

Lot's of young children and they removed the veal porterhouse from the menu...but still, it was a really great night.

PS,  We bring our own bottles of wine with us everywhere we go now.  

=0) need this.


Winter in southern California means we pick and choose the days we get our cars washed.  

Should I tell you that I've been wearing flip flops?

Kyle came to share his news...he has a ship out date for Army basic training.  I love this boy like one of my own and I tried to hold it together but failed miserably.  I am SO proud of him...he is an incredible young man.  

This house that we live in is so very, very little but the number of boys that have passed through our front door...who have eaten at our table and hung out for hours on end?  Many.

We are so very, very blessed.

I'm a teary eyed mess lately.  I've got one boy with a big birthday coming up and I'm missing him.  I've got another who I'll share about's all good but the waiting process is hard.  I've got a 3rd who is looking at colleges but he's found one within 1 1/2 hrs of us that he is very interested in, so we need to go check that out.  

I guess it's just a transition stage for us and I'm needing to get out on my hiking trail and process through all of this stuff.  I don't do as well with things that are up in the air...I like to know what's what and then I'm good.  The unknowns and what if's are driving me crazy and I'm being called to trust...and I'm struggling with that.


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  1. I am behind on reading blog updates and playing some catch up tonight. This....oh, tears! And funny, I had a dream about my Irvine Busch family and had unknowns on middle, clearly I'm not the only one and the dream may have involved me sleeping, but it sounds like reality. I love you. Thank you for being my family and thank you for creating community so beautifully.


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