Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The First Day Of Fall

My little house on my little street has a certain, ummm, stench to it and for the life of me, I cannot figure out where it is coming from.

It's driving me crazy which in turn means I am driving everyone around me crazy because it smells like a cross between mildewy wet towels and the worst smelly shoe smell you can ever imagine.

Seriously.  Even the bazillion candles I'm burning haven't helped.

Come on over...but bring your nose plugs.


 So we ditched dodge and headed to Disneyland...or more specifically, to California Adventure.  The weather is still warm but has the promise of cooler temps and it's the perfect Disney weather.

First up, a cocktail at the Cove Bar.  A rye manhattan for him (ick) and a bahama mama (yum) for me.

Helloooo, relaxation.

Next up...lobster nachos.

Lobster. Nachos.



Our next door neighbors came and met us and between the 4 of us, well...we are a bit creaky and achy and it's just making me laugh to even type all of this.  There was quite a bit 'oh, my hips' and 'oh, my knees' and 'oh, my back'....and that was only from me.


The 4 people in the front?

That's us.

The woman in the back, with the ears and red bow?

Photo bomber.  A rather good one, too.


Let's see...Cove Bar, Tower of Terror, Cars Land, Soarin' Over California and World of Color.  It was a really fun evening...a much needed fun evening.

And then we came home to the smell.  Ugh.  Time to bake bread and maybe a big chocolate cake.  That'll help...right?


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