Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The weather is changing around here...last night on our nightly walk with the dog I actually wished I had put a sweater on.  I love the change of seasons yet I live in a place where that change is so subtle that you almost have to stop whatever you're doing to notice it.

It's there, that change, but it takes a little more effort to see it.

For our little family, the seasons bring changes in our little house.  We are on a traditional school calendar, which means summers are (mostly) off from work and bring longer, less stressful days.  Suppers are pretty late, usually closer to 7pm and last for (and I'm not exaggerating) hours.  

And then Fall comes.  Back to work for us, back to school for our youngest shrub, a move to another state for our oldest.  The weather chills out a bit here...the days are still warm (hot, even) but the night brings a much wanted coolness to it.  Suppers are a bit earlier and quicker...there's homework to be done and uniforms to wash and beds to curl up in.  

I. Love. Fall.

The change in season also reminds me of how quickly time is passing.  I love this stage in life...I love my family and friends and the life we have been blessed with.  I wish, too...wish for a month where the dollars earned were more than the dollars going out but hey, you can't have everything.  


And I'll admit, Autumn brings a bit of sadness.

My little house is quiet today.  I'm working from home this morning, catching up on some emails and laundry (thanks to a cat who thought one of the beds was a litter box....ewwww) and just enjoying the stillness.  Some of those that I love are sick and I'm scared.  I'm missing those that aren't here with us anymore and I'm feeling regrets...things I should have done and didn't.  Relationships I've let busyness interfere with and just this morning I went to send a little message on FB to someone I hadn't spoken to in awhile, only to find that they had unfriended me.

And it made me sad.

So over my morning cup of coffee in my favorite yellow mug (that I bought after breakfast with some of my best friends...such a happy memory!),   I read.  I read in a book that I really haven't opened much lately because those long, late summer nights had me sleeping in a bit more and out of my 'normal' routine.

And this, this is what I read:

From Isaiah 43:  Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not see it?  

This new's not about all those past things.  I need to just be still and let my God speak...and I need to listen.  I can't undo or much as I want to.  I need to focus on the new, on the promise of the future He has given to me.

So here we are...another new season.  I'm thankful for it...but a little scared of what it will bring, to be honest.  Clinging to the promise...and grabbing myself another cup of coffee with fancy creamer.

Join me?


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