Monday, September 29, 2014

I Love Weekends

The weather in SoCal at this time of year?  Perfect.  Warm and sunny during the day and cool enough to sleep with a blanket on at night.

Short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves...all of it can be worn.

Love, love, love.


Weekend cocktails.  Nothing better than sitting at the kitchen counter, reading the latest magazines and complaining about everything that went wrong this week while sipping a cocktail.

Last week was a doozy....glad it's in the past.

Trader Joe's was selling this...a pumpkin Kringle.

Go buy it.  Seriously.

If you do, please be prepared to eat the whole thing all at once.  It is so amazingly good that I want to go back and get another...but I can't.  So Trader Joe's?  You're losing my business until this thing sells out because I have absolutely no self control.  

It's pathetic really.

So go buy it, ok?  I miss shopping there.


How many sporting teams can one kid play on?

Fall league basketball has to see my boy back on the court.  There's the little issue of him grabbing the ball, running down the court knocking everyone out of his way (oops...forgot he wasn't on a football field) but I'm sure it will come back to him.


Seriously though...I love this sport.  A lot.

And then there's football.  He's playing on both JV and Varsity...since he's new to this sport he plays 1st string JV and 2nd string Varsity and I can't tell you what any of that means other than the fact that we spend a lot of time sitting in bleachers cheering on our boy in red.


It is SO fun and I am loving this stage of our lives but my derrier is a little bit sore.

Five hours of sitting through games plus one pumpkin kringle that I devoured plus cooler temperatures meant I was on the trail early Saturday morning.

Oh, how I've missed it.

So much time to sort out everything that is going on in my head...time to pray.  Time to complain.  Time to cry.  Time to be a bit mad.  Time to be a lot mad.  Time to laugh.  Time to sweat.

This time is so healing for gives me time to just let it all go.  

Saturday night we were supposed to have a bunch of boys over for carnitas and so I made a ton.  Turns out they all (including my boy) were at an afternoon birthday celebration that went long and suddenly I had no one here to eat.  

15 lbs of carnitas, 2 lbs of cilantro lime rice, 2 lbs of homemade pinto beans.

Just a little food.

I've always had a plan B and a plan C...I have a lot of boys, you know.  But one has moved away, one was out of town and all the neighbors were gone.

So that guy that I like so much and I made LARGE margaritas and had our own little party...and then Brian called and asked if he could bring the basketball team to eat?

Yes, my son.  Bring them all and so he did and they ate.  And ate.  And ate.  Just enough was left for a lunch or two this week.

Love that.

Sunday night turned into one of those nights...a night where I had roasted a couple of chickens, not knowing who would be here.  My neighbor came down to say hi and ended up staying and then another neighbor came over and then all the kids came and soon our little house was full of my very favorite people.

And then it happened.


Oh, how I love karaoke.

For the record...I can't sing to save my life but I absolutely love to belt out 80's songs.  Just ask me and I'll show you.  



Back to real life.  I'm a little hoarse...but it was worth it.


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