Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Away from Home

I received a last minute call from my boss asking me to travel to south Florida one more time for the beginning of the school year, so I threw some things in a suitcase and hopped a rather long flight across the US of A.

It's a fun job that I have, though once I arrived everything sort of fell apart here and I've been working like a mad woman to put it all back together. 

Tsk. Tsk.

My body clock is completely off.  I'm up and out by 5:30am and by 5:00pm...well, this is my world.  A rather huge hotel room (a suite, actually) and me in my pj's.  Supper the other night?  Popcorn, m&m's, a glass of wine and a good movie.

Exciting stuff, eh?

I finally caved and went into a dunkin donuts.  It was...ok.

The sunrise though?  Perfect.  

And then there's the weather here.  108 with 81% humidity.

My work?

Outside, in the heat of the day.

My cell actually shut off due to overheating...I've never had that happen before.


Tomorrow is my final day final push to get things up and running.  I've trained the people who will be running the program and I'm pretty confident that they will do a great job.  I miss my family LOTS, even though this was the perfect week for me to be gone since everyone is super busy.  Matteo has been home this week and he's been running the show...that one is a catch, ladies.  Except he's already been caught, so never mind.


And then there's my guy in the middle who posts pictures of himself doing this: 

Thanks, honey.

Makes the tuba in my kitchen seem like not such a big deal.


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