Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And Just Like That...

...summer has come to an end.



I do have to say, this one has been a good one.


 The last week was lived to the fullest which is actually the way the end of summer should be.

That being said, we're all squeezing in a bit of afternoon snooze time because re-entry is quite tiring.  

My cousin Tim came to town and hung with us for the weekend.  He's a foodie kinda guy, so we ate (a lot) and had a few cocktails and just basically hung out...but he did get to experience a little garden party.

We might have scarred him.  Or scared him.  Or both.

Our crew around these parts?  A bit...ummmm, crazy.  And loud.  

My peeps do make life rather memorable.


With that guy that I like so much back at work, our grilling days are coming to an end...and it's a major bummer because he has seriously perfected tuscan style chickens.  

Not ready to say goodbye to this meal yet.

There's been a chill in the air the last few nights and we've even flipped on the heaters in the garden once the sun goes down.  I'm ready for a lot of things that Fall brings...suppers cooked in the oven, my favorite long sweater,  the routine that comes with the sun setting earlier, hot tea and hot baths.

But I am going to miss long nights spent in the garden...long nights that turned into long mornings because we are kinda sorta bums during the summer months.

I love being a bum.


I, like many many others, have been so saddened by the death of Robin Williams.  It's so easy to think that money makes things easier, that fame and it's perks make things better...but real life problems happen to real life people no matter what your world looks like.

And it's absolutely heartbreaking.

 And so today I am holding my loves a little closer and hugging them a little tighter.  I'm trying to be thankful for today and trying hard to not worry about what tomorrow might bring.

And today?  I'm thankful for much.

Three boys who are all home for the next week or so.
A late night movie with them last night.
Leftover pot roast.
A cousin who flew half way across the country for a visit.
Fun music.
A sweet pup (who got into the trash last night).
Candles.  Lots and lots of candles.

That guy that I like so much was away last night on retreat but is back home tonight.  Matthew is home from his summer excursion and is gearing up for a move out of state in a few weeks.  Alex is home from a long weekend away with friends and is sleeping...a lot.  I'm working a little bit this week, mainly from home, but am traveling out of state all next week.

Our little house is, quite honestly, a bit of a mess.  Two of my three are really, really, really good at spreading the wealth...meaning they leave lots of evidence in every room where they have been.  That works just fine in college life but tends to drive the mama at home a bit crazy...but then I take myself back to my thankful list.

I'm happy they are all home.  Really, really happy.


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