Friday, April 25, 2014

Time To Catch Up

The last week was all about lists.  Lists upon lists, checked time and time again so as not to forget any one thing.

Hi there, huge grocery bill.


 Last Saturday we road tripped it up to Matthew's school...or should I say FORMER school since he now has a Masters degree.  (Sorry...proud Mom moment!)  

Anyway, my (thankfully) clean shaven oldest gave a beautiful recital followed by a really sweet reception.  The food was cooked at home and carted up there...kinda hard planning dinner for 40 - 80 people. It all worked out well...I made a huge pasta dish with pesto and chicken and sundried tomatoes, a massive caesar salad, bread and a bazillion mini cannoli that had me cursing like a truck driver as I was filling them.

Cursing like a truck driver is a quiet talent of mine...not one I am especially proud of, but oh well.

Back to Matthew...he rocked.  I sure do like him.


The cousins from the North came to the recital and then home with us for Easter.  I just love having my peeps all with me.  We stayed up late and talked and laughed and planned for a trip and it was just a really, really sweet time.

Easter Sunday was church and then a big family dinner in the garden.  I took zero pictures.  Seriously...not one.  

But...we had a nice time.  That guy that I like so much grilled steaks and veggies and while not traditional, the males were just fine with it.  My nieces made the annual bunny cake which we carved apart by whoever wanted whatever body part...kinda creepy but it's tradition.


 And then Monday came.  We hosted that guy that I like so much's graduating seniors for dinner.  Seriously...three parties in three days.  I'm not quite sure how we pulled this all together but we did...they are such an exceptional group and he is so sad that they are all graduating.

Supper....roasted pork, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and a bazillion pizzelle's with all the standard toppings: salted caramel, nutella, fresh whipped cream and raspberries and lots and lots of stories.

Such a sweet group.


And on Tuesday?

We slept all. day. long.

I wish. 

We all worked hard this week and I even squeezed in a few hikes, a trip to Costco (because all the food I bought last week was for the parties) and I caught up on work emails and paperwork, which is always a good feeling.

I'm in a strange place work-wise right now...feeling kind of disposable.  They haven't said anything and it's just coming from inside my little brain...I'm just in a position where I do what needs to be done and it's all behind the scenes.  I don't get any feed back and usually I don't need it, but, well, maybe I do.

Lack of sleep?  Makes me over analyze.


And then there's the above guy, who asks to drive all. the. time.  He's doing well...much better than me.  I like this whole parenting gig...but I could do without the fear that comes with having a 15 year old drive me around.  Yes, we could have said 'no'...but don't judge unless you've raised an extremely confident, kinda bossy 3rd child.

And we're older and a little more tired.  So he's driving.

I pray A LOT, out loud, in a constant stream of words.  I start quietly, it occasionally turns into a shriek and then goes back to quiet.

It's not easy, that's for sure.

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