Saturday, April 26, 2014

Feeling Back To Normal

The morning after a weekend of parties, as I was running the dishwasher for the 3rd time and washing a huge pile of tablecloths, it came to me.

There was no way I could cook a single morsel of food that night for dinner.

And here's the kind of guy I married.  I texted him that I was going to pick up Del Taco or something for dinner; that I just couldn't cook.  His response? 

 "Check your calendar."

My calendar told me that reservations had been made and I was going on a date.


We went to a new place called Fig and Olive...isn't that a great name for a restaurant?  Oh my.  Sat on the patio, brought our own wine (our 'new' a splurgy kinda bottle and pay the corkage fee) and ordered some super fun appetizers.

It felt so good to just sit...and to know that someone else was going to be doing the dishes and washing the linens.

We ordered a whole grilled branzino...they brought it to our table, head and all, and filleted it right in front of us.  It was sooooooo good.

After that, it was back to real life.  There is a grumpy 20 year old at home...he works construction full time but  has a week or two off because they are in between projects.  He's my hard physical worker bee and doesn't do well with being bored, which means we all notice when he is dream would be for him to spend hours in the car teaching Brian to drive but alas, he's not old enough to do that, so in the meantime he is helping me get the big garden up and running.  We're a little behind this year but it's SoCal, which means we are never behind...gardening happens year round here.

Supper last night?

All the leftovers from the fridge were thrown into a simple frittata...with a beer on the side.


This weekend there are basketball games and concerts...but it doesn't feel too overwhelming.  It rained last night and the air feels so clean and's chilly out, too, but I'm still hoping for some time to just sit out back and read in between all the errands.


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