Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh What A Weekend

I'm not even sure how to begin processing the events of this past weekend...and it will probably take some quiet time to do so.  That guy that I like so much conducted a huge (majorly huge) concert and it was so much more than what I bargained for.

I focused on the realities.  The concert (Bach's St Matthew Passion) was slated to be 3 1/2 hours long and entirely in German.  Two separate choirs; two separate orchestras.  A 50 page program.

My heart, while very much in love with him, wasn't entirely in love with this endeavor which has taken so much of his time over the last year.

So I put on my cute new dress and sat in the pew waiting for the concert to begin.  I flipped that program open and readied myself for a long afternoon...but instead, the music began and grabbed hold of my heart.  

And now, a full day later, I am still processing the enormity of the story that was told.  Jesus, the crucifixion...a truth I know in and out.  But yesterday?  Yesterday it was told in a way that touched me to the core.

Powerful...and hauntingly beautiful.  I'm now ready for this week...for Easter to come.


 Last weekend my mom and her husband were here for the weekend; this weekend brought my in-laws.  We had a lovely celebration dinner last night and a big, loud family dinner here tonight.  

Tomorrow will be back to normal...there's work and laundry and a trip to the bank (FOUR identity theft issues since Christmas, so we've had to completely close our checking and savings and start completely over) and if I'm lucky...a long hike on some nearby trail.  I love my hikes...sometimes with a hot tea in hand, sometimes with music in my ears, sometimes with a dog on a leash or a boy by my side, sometimes alone with just my own thoughts.

I'd like to tell you that hiking is like therapy for me, and it is...but what it really means to me?


Calories in.  Calories out.


Brian is on Spring Break and so we have a list of things to accomplish...a list with things on it like the dentist, the doctor, the chiropractor.  There's also a driving lesson and new shoes, a dog to walk and maybe, if he sweet talks me sweetly enough, a lunch out involving fish tacos.

It won't take much to convince me.

But first?  Some bubbly tonight in the garden with that guy that I like so much.  It's dark outside, but the darkness is somehow comforting, simply because of the knowledge that it isn't forever.  The light is coming...and how blessed we are to know that.

Oh...and today?  Showed up for Palm Sunday church dressed in all our finery, only to find out that there was a time change for the service and we were, like, 45 minutes late.  So we did what anyone else in our place would've done...we high tailed it out of there and went to a leisurely breakfast at Ruby's on the lake.

Yet another reason to be thankful for yesterday.  I told Alex that I was a bit sad that I missed getting my palm as a reminder of what is to come this week;  he pointed out that I have a daily reminder in our backyard..our very own palm tree.

How right he is.  How right he is.


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