Friday, December 20, 2013


I love signs.

I pretty much felt like I was falling apart.  It's so easy to go to that place...that place where you start believing that you can't do everything rather than settling in to that place where you do what you can and feel ok with that.  Part of it for me is this time of year...letting myself think about what was and is no more and forgetting what I do have and what is so good in my life.  

Ah, the holidays.  Happiness, good cheer...and mind games.


I was given SO MANY reminders, signs if you will, of all that I need to celebrate.  A pitcher of prosecco while cooking supper, surrounded by boys and their friends who all were waiting to eat.  A rousing game of Sorry at the kitchen table, which I almost bowed out of because I felt I had too much to do.  Housecleaners that showed up in the brink of time and made everything shiny and clean, even it  only stayed that way for an hour or so.  A red coat that makes me feel happy every time I put it on.

Signs.  Signs to stop wallowing, appreciate the good, live in the moment.

This morning, that guy that I like so much and I are going out for breakfast.  We've got a Costco stock up to do, a few little gifts left to wrap, and then a basketball game snack bar to run.  After all that is done, we're going on another date...sort of.  We're picking up a pizza from Nick's, putting on White Christmas and sitting in our little house on our little street in our pj's.  

It's vacation time, my friends.


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