Thursday, December 12, 2013

Enjoying The Season

Basketball season is here.  Concert season is here.  Christmas is here.

In the midst of the busyness, my neighbor and I went to a big Christmas brunch at a local church.  Great speaker, fun people, yummy food.


Week 2 of no dishwasher.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.  A dishwasher truly is a luxury...especially when you have a houseful of boys and a lot of people to feed in the coming weeks.  

It is what it is.

Suppers have been interesting.  Sadly, we've eaten our fill of pizza and Taco Tuesday's and Costco chicken pot pie.  Knowing a revolt was imminent, I whipped out a couple of roast chickens with roasted potatoes and veggies.

That should hold the troops for a few season is upon us and mama is once again running the snack bar (because no one else would step up to the plate), so we're all just holding it together.

No one is complaining...except me.  I'm just failing in the 'running the household' department.  Big time.

For Christmas?  I'd like a wife.  Please.

Not that any broken foot is fun, but when you break the right foot you can't drive which is just a big bummer.  Week 6.  He's a fun lunch partner but I think he's getting tired of all my stories.

I still laugh when I tell them, though.


The tree is lit, but is still undecorated.

Add it to the list.  Sigh.

SoCal is COLD, people.

41 degrees yesterday morning.  Not to mention that my work car now has 10,000 miles on it.  Yowza. 

 And today, week 6 in and the day the cast was to come off, we found out the cast is not coming off.  In fact, it's not coming off for at least a few more weeks.  The X-ray was not good and it looks like he reinjured his foot somehow.

My boy is sad which makes me sad...but we're praying it's off by New Years Eve.

That guy that I like so much had to pick up his computer from the mall and we went right before closing...and it was empty.  Brought back memories of when my babes were little...I'd take them early in the morning (when it was cold and snowy) and walk the mall before it opened just to get us out of the house.

No snowsuits needed inside the mall!


I can't believe Christmas is 2 weeks away...I'm ready, but I'm not.  My shopping is done and I have elves (especially a big one with a broken foot) helping with the wrapping, we have a weekend of concerts and parties and I'm trying to just soak up the season.  I don't want to speed through it...I want to soak it in, savor it, be thankful for it.

I'm trying.  It's not easy, but I'm trying.


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  1. If you find a place to get a wife, I'd like one too! I've been looking around my house and all I see is stuff that needs to be cleaned or done. On the plus side though, I'm almost done shopping and everything that I already bought has been wrapper. (YAY!!)


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