Monday, September 9, 2013

The Baby

I blinked...twice, actually, and my baby turned 15.


This baby of mine?  He's a blessing.  They all are...but just as there is something so special about the oldest and something so special about the middle, well, there is just something so special about the baby.

He wanted carnitas for supper and had a bunch of friends over.  Alex's were here, too...and then Matthew showed up and we had ourselves a party.  

 Brian is a joy.  He is chatty and funny and hasn't yet caught on that parents aren't cool.  I love that.  He has lots of friends and has multiple mama's that he has charmed.  His brothers ride him hard and he takes it his mind he's better than them anyway.

And he truly believes that.


The big brothers?  Well...they'll continue to argue that point.

Happy Birthday, Brian.  And thank you, knew I needed just one more.


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