Friday, September 20, 2013

Gosh Darn Termites

Lately it feels to me like my feet aren't planted on firm ground.  Like every time I stand still, the ground shifts a bit from underneath me.  Not enough that I am going to fall over, but just enough that I feel wobbly.  

It's not uncomfortable...but it's not comfortable either.  It's just...kind of unsettling.

Part of the issue is that our little house on our little street is in termite mode...all the infested wood is being removed and replaced.  It's pretty safe to say that 50% of the wood on the outside of our house was affected, which means there has been hammering and banging and painting and staining and men's driving me crazy.  I normally work from home but the noise is LOUD...and I am feeling frazzled.

I've worked at IKEA, crashed that guy that I like so much's office, visited a few Starbucks and even a Panera or two.

But I miss being home.  I miss having some privacy.  I miss my garden (which is dead and ruined and I feel like crying just thinking about it).  I miss...quiet.

I'm also feeling nostalgic.  I'm missing my children being little and the simplicity that comes with that.  I'm missing boys doing homework at the table while I cook supper, telling them to concentrate and not get distracted by the big climbing trees outside...and then telling them to go ahead and climb trees while the sun shines.

That being said, I love the stage we are in now.  But still.

But still.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  We have friends coming for supper tonight and then we'll see where the rest of the weekend takes us.  The best part is that there will be no hammering, no workers coming in and out, and no need to escape.  

I'm ready for that.

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  1. Your house being infested by termites is no good news at all. While it's easy to tell if your house has been infested, most of the time, it comes too late until it requires major renovation to save the rest of your property. How are things now? I surely hope that all the tough work has been done and that you are already enjoying a termite-free home. I wish you'd be more vigilant about this matter from now on. Best of luck!
    Sandra @ Times Up Termite


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