Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacay, Part Uno

Our little family has had many, many fun adventures together...I mean, life with these three is a daily adventure.  Because of 'real life' stuff, we haven't taken many family vacations...mainly because our real life has always involved following our boys to their activities (drum corps competitions, basketball tournaments) and those have been our 'vacations'.

And then they started growing up.  One moved away, another began working full time...so when the opportunity arose for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, well, we ran with it.

Or flew to it.

We chose to 'go home'...or where our life as a family began.  Boulder, Colorado...the beginning of it all.


We planned tons of 'boy friendly' stuff for our crew.  Stop one...a tour of Mile High Stadium.  We've raised a bunch of Bronco's fans, so to see where they play (and see those Super Bowl rings) was pretty cool.

We ate well.  Very, very well.

And then the highlight...reuniting this crew.  Introducing Team Wersch.  We've prayed for a wedding, but are ending up with a bunch of kids who love each other like family...and that's ok.  I guess.


 Chris and Tammy were our upstairs neighbors in Family Housing at CU Boulder (where we spent 7 years) and I LOVE them.  Like really, really LOVE them.  Always have, always will.  They knew us at that time in life when life was so full of uncertainties...no money, babies without health insurance, not knowing where we would end up.  They knew us 'when'.  

Chris smoked pounds and pounds of meat for us, let Alex eat first, and made killer mojitos.  

Plus...he's hot.


Back to the boy adventures....white water rafting.  Yes, I did it.  No, I'll never do it again.  Yes, it was fun...especially the part where we got stuck on a rock and had to climb out of our raft onto a boulder in the middle of a raging river.  Yeah, totally fun.

Family bonding.  

Next trip...we're going to a spa, boys.  With fluffy bathrobes and yummy smelling lotions and cucumber water.  


We lived in Colorado in married student housing back then, moving in when we were pregnant with Matthew.  We lived in #105; Chris and Tammy moved into #205.  I loved Tammy immediately, while hating her at the same time.  She's just...great.  Beautiful on the inside and out and she immediately became 'my people'.  

And she still is.  And always will be.

I am blessed.


The young people:

The 'not as young as we used to be but still pretending to be young' people:

 We visited all of that guy that I like so much's haunts...like the music library, where Alex had us rolling on the floor.  Stories that wouldn't have been funny a few years back but are now...like the fact that he never once stepped foot in the library at his high school, but he sure did know where the front office was.

Feel my pain???  

So fun to be 'on the other side'.


This time, with all my boys together, was worth every. single. penny.

More to come...still sorting through hundreds of pictures.  


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