Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes From A Holiday Weekend

Last week I did it.  I accomplished goal #1 of my summer SHORT summer list.  But on the list was to clean out Brian's closet (well...oversee him cleaning out his closet) and it's done and checked off.


Now I can say I actually did something on my summer vacation.


Last week, though?  Busy.  All fun stuff, but we were busy.  Basketball is at the forefront and was played 6 of 7 days last week.  

Pictured above?  The annual s'more's making on the 4th of July.


We grow the BEST lemons in our garden...and yes, we are very selfish with them.  I know, I know...but they really are too good to share.  Plus, we only get a couple dozen of them a year and we enjoy every single one of them.

Last weekend meant multiple pitchers of Sangria. Yes...multiple pitchers on multiple nights.  Well, and maybe multiple pitchers on a single night, too.


The 4th also brought multiple parties...and one of them featured a huge platter of roasted veggies.  We ate them with grilled meat on the 4th, on grilled pizzas the next night and tossed into a salad with farro, arugula and feta last night.

I like when things work out like that.


We had friends for dinner, family for fireworks and more friends at an after party...but the strange thing is that it felt like a very relaxed and non stressful day.  Two of my three boys were around all day with their friends so our houseful was just that...a houseful. 

I like that.

I also like...carrot cake.  Lots.


Let's see....what else?

Our high school is adding solar panels to the parking lot.  Exciting, eh?  I think it's kinda cool.

Hmmm....back to parties.

Pizzelle's are my go to dessert.  They're easy to put together ahead of time and can either be served 'as is' or gussied up.  This batch, though, was a burn fest.  Not of the cookies, but of my arm.  Ouch.

My favorite party of the weekend involved turkish food.  My favorite.  I actually didn't talk for a full 30 minutes because I was eating...and eating and eating and eating.

I am formally requesting this as my birthday meal from here on out.  Don't change a thing...I want this exact same meal.


The mama's.


The pizzelle's...fancied up for this party, served with homemade salted caramel, raspberry sauce, fresh whipped cream and nutella.  

I must say...YUM.  

My boy in the middle...sleeping.  He's working full time this summer (making great money!) doing's hard, hard work but he likes it.  He's also running his training business AND keeping up with his rather active social life.

He also falls asleep sitting up.  Often.  I'm so proud of him, though...he's a hard, hard worker.  His plan is to work (and save) as much as he can this summer and not work this Fall...his school schedule is pretty intense next semester (with crazy hours...lots of late night ride alongs) so his plan is a good plan.

Next up?

Party of two.  Ditched by all boys, we grilled pizza's, made yet another pitcher of Sangria and sat for hours in our garden.  It was pure bliss.

And then we watched Identity Thief which was stupid, stupid, stupid.  Oh well.

All in all...the perfect holiday weekend.  This closet, which I don't think has been cleaned out since 1998.  Or somewhere around there.  I'm going to take everything out and then, well, probably shove it all back in again because seriously...where else will I put everything?  


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