Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random Tuesday Morning Stuff

1. We have new neighbors who have a lot of early rising, very active little ones.  As I was laying in bed listening to them this morning I found myself apologizing to all my neighbors for years gone by...I'm thinking we were a rather loud bunch for many, many, many years.

2. Basketball is in full swing.  It's pretty fun, though 8:00pm games are...late.  And make me want to eat pizza after, which is the last thing I need at 11:00pm when we finally settle in back at home.  

3. I've quickly returned to my pre-work schedule of staying up late (really, really late, actually) and sleeping in.  Or trying to, at least.

4. Summer means our front door is revolving.  I will NEVER tire of that.  Last night, post basketball game, our kitchen once again became the gathering place for cookie making teens.   They crack me up...and make incredible cookies.  

5. We bought ourselves a new, shiny red toaster (see it on the counter?) for our anniversary because we are fancy like that.  It's so exciting...it actually toasts our toast!  Who knew?  Now we only need a blender and we'll be all set.

6. It's been almost a week and we haven't had a garden party.  I'm getting antsy for one.  Basketball is getting in the way.

7. Alex is working full time construction this summer and running his training business.  He is huge.  HUGE.  Someone in church pointed out that his arms are bigger than my head.  For the record, he refuses to train me because I have 'listening issues'.  Whatever.

8. Brian is bringing his basketball team for lunch today after practice.  He's requested spaghetti and meatballs.  How many meatballs have I made over the years?  

9. Today, aside from feeding a crowd of hungry boys, is closet cleaning day for Brian.  I've said that for 3 days in a row now and you know what they say....third time is a charm?  Seriously, it needs to be done.

10. Anyone else excited about the new 'Despicable Me' movie that's opening?  Enough with the 'blow everything up in all of creation' movies that these menfolk of mine keep taking me to see.  Next up?  Stupid laughter.  

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