Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ready For Tomorrow

I prayed for rest.  I prayed for a break.  I prayed for life to slow...for me to be able to catch my breath.

And yet, life just kept moving forward.

And then, in the midst of all life's busyness,  it happened.

This weekend happened.

There were quite a few suppers in the garden...and a few breakfasts, too.  The fountain, with the help of the muscles of our middle born son, was repaired by that guy that I like so much.  Errands were run...to Lowes and to Target and to the expensive hoity toity grocery store, all with the youngest boy in tow.  Books were read, games of cribbage were played, Sangria was drunk.

Mama....that's me, is happy again.  And whole.


Tomorrow...well, tomorrow is going to be full.  But somehow having had this long restful weekend, I am ready.  Ready to hit the ground running, ready to handle the stresses and problems that work will bring, ready to handle it all.

Positive thinking is the biggest chunk of the battle.

It feels so good to have bread dough already made and in the fridge, ready for baking this week.  The laundry is done...not just done, but folded and put away.  The kitchen is clean and there is a brand new Bachelorette ready to be watched.

Life....it's good right now.

(I need to keep reminding myself of that...otherwise I start thinking too much and getting stomach aches again.  Just keepin' it real...)

We settled in tonight and watched a Downton Abbey and WHOA.  Still hooked.  Still behind everyone else.  Still...shocked.  Thought I'd read most of the spoilers but this one caught me by surprise.

Still love it.


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