Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Looking For the Good

I was asked today why I only write about the good...why I only only write about the fun stuff.

And here's the deal.  I write about my life.  Our life.  The life I share with people I really, really like.  I write about the fun stuff and the not so fun stuff...but in the end, it's mainly the fun stuff because that's how I choose to live.  I choose to find the good in every day.  Does it always come easy?  No...but then I change my thinking and look for the good.  The simple.  The ordinary.

What's special to me isn't to anyone else...and that's ok.

That guy that I like so much and I both took the morning off on Tuesday.  We drove to California Adventure for breakfast (we shared a salted caramel banana french toast and a chicken tamale with scrambled eggs from Flo's) and then strolled the park, riding California Screamin' in the front car before sampling some port and blue cheese in Wine Country.

There was nothing special about any of it...but yet there was.  We were together...and boyless.  The sun was shining.  We actually had a few dollars in our checking account.  The park was quiet.  The food was yummy.'s just good.


 I am not always a glass is half full kind of girl...but I am most of the time.

I like life.  I like who I'm married to.  I like my boys.

There are many, many who have more than we do...bigger houses and more money and nicer cars and healthier family relationships.  But us?  That guy that I like so much and me?  We have everything, too.  It might not seem like everything to others...we don't own a garage, for goodness sake, but it's plenty.  God has given us plenty.  And plenty is just enough.


That being said...I am currently living in a house where the amount of testosterone is, quite simply, at toxic levels.  So many males per cubic foot....and, well, I'm the only female.  And that, my friends, is not the easiest.  But then again, life would be quite boring without them.

And who wants boring?

So, basically, I choose to keep the good parts front and center and the icky parts pushed aside.  Is that the healthiest thing to do?  Who knows...but it works for me.  


Other hump day news...that guy that I like so much is almost done for the school year.  My big work project is up and running.  Boys are in...and out.  Cats are in...and out.  Laundry is in...and out.

All good.  All normal.  All ok.


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