Monday, May 27, 2013

A Long, Long Weekend

I've been a bit overwhelmed these last few months and I've felt myself crumbling in the last week.  It's not a feeling I have very often and not one I like...but it's one I just haven't been able to shake of late.

And then God said...let me give you a weekend.  A nice, long weekend.


But first there had to be speed bumps...a crisis at work 2 minutes before the end of my work day that had to be handled and was one of those situations that made my blood boil.  This has been my year of dealing with difficult personalities and I know I am in my position for a reason...but I am so ready for summer that I can taste it.  

But then, the weekend happened.  A long, non work filled weekend.

We had a few garden parties.  I hammered out some jewelry.  We ate some good eats, laughed at an old movie, sang one of my favorite songs in church.  We researched auto alarms for a 1995 car which seems ridiculous, but is something I think is going to have to happen.  I booked us a vacation.  Did some laundry.

Napped in the sun.

God gave me such a beautiful gift these last few days and the best part?  There's a whole day left.  

I actually had myself a good cry in the shower yesterday...the kind of cry where you aren't really sure why you are crying except that you just can't keep it in anymore.  And so I cried, let it all out and then napped in my happy blue chair in my garden.

I woke up rested.  Relieved.  Relaxed.


Today after church we ventured to a little German village right near where Brian was training in Huntington Beach.  That guy that I like so much discovered that the hof brau haus had 20 beers on tap that were direct from his motherland and so we sat and drank and ate things served to us by women with attitudes who happened to be wearing lederhosen.

I guess I'd have an attitude, too.


I love German food.  Well...I actually love food...but what's not to love about meat and potatoes and gravy made with gingersnaps in it?  And a moment of silence for red cabbage, please.


Came home and napped.  Another short, sweet, nap.

Life right now seems doable.  Three more weeks until summer.  Three more weeks of 12 - 14 hour days (for reals) seems doable.

I...well, I can do this.


Tomorrow will be a laundry day.  A hanging out at home (other than a hike in the morning) day.  A pot roast cooking day.  A bread making day.  A day to give thanks day...thanks for a sweet, sweet weekend.

Tuesday will come...but not yet.  

Happy long weekend, my friends.  Praying your weekend was restful, too.


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