Sunday, November 20, 2011

Through The Tunnel

That guy that I like so much and I had the most perfect morning planned.

A little drive.

A little walk.

A little chat about the light that is always at the end of the tunnel, even though sometimes it seems really far away...and other times seems so bright and wide open that you know clearly which direction to head.

A little beach time.

The beach at wintertime is my favorite, followed closely by the beach at summertime and the beach at springtime and the beach at falltime.

A little (or a lotta) love on a beignets with maple syrup and mounds of powdered sugar. 

And just in case you were thinking that this was the far too perfect, insert 100 million work calls that I recieved THE WHOLE MORNING.  Calls I had to take. One crossing guard crisis after another.  I'm in a tunnel job-wise right now and while I am sure there is a speck of light at the end I can't seem to focus my eyes on it.

OK, it's not that bad...but it was on Friday.  


But seriously, if you live in southern CA....take someone you really like and go have breakfast at The Beachcomber.   Order the beignets. 

 And turn off your phone.

You'll thank me. 


  1. Thanks for the reminder about Crystal Cove, Michele. I'll take Rebeca there when I get home - as she loves the beach, too - and then we'll check the cottages for possible 11 am cancellations! I've been successful twice over the years - and they have an anniversary in Dec...Have you ever stayed in a Cottage? I know the cheapest that still have an ocean view, in case you're interested. ;)

  2. Very COOL! LOVE the pictures! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! :]


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