Thursday, November 17, 2011

Know What?

I'm having trouble keeping up...but tomorrow?

Tomorrow I am playing hooky.


BUT, it's not tomorrow yet.

Today?  Well, today is overly full.

I had a 7:00am meeting, which was actually an evaluation.  I was totally stressed about it and it went fine, but didn't finish and so the rest will take place this afternoon.  The good news?  I am so over it and found myself praying with all my might that I would get fired.

Sadly?  I don't think that is going to happen.

In between?  I volunteered at Brian's school for 3 hours helping with the vision/hearing screening.

Know what?  I really like middle schoolers.  I just 'get' them.

And then?  I popped home for 45 minutes and had lunch with Alex.  Kinda crazy that this child I have prayed over SO VERY MUCH has found his footing.  God is good.

And now?  Back to work to discover my fate.  Ugh.

(it's really not THAT bad.)



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