Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last night I was woken up by a very, very tall person in the middle of the night.

I screamed, waking up that guy that I like so much and startling the very tall person who was waking me up.

I'm calm like that.

Alex was sick.

Almost 18, very, very tall and having a bad, bad ear ache...and what did he do?  He woke up his mama because he needed his mama.


He has been one of those kids that bypassed all the common childhood illnesses...but before you say anything, he has had his share of the 'things':

Broken bones.  Plural.
Stitches.  Many.
Staples.  Plethora.
Surgeries. Multiple.

Common colds.  Only a handful.

Ear infections?

THREE...including the current one.

The poor guy, all 17 years and 50 weeks of him, was in agony.

And he needed his mama.

After doing the mama thing (lots of meds and a few prayers), he was back asleep...and so was I, but the rest of the night was that kind of sleep where you sleep with one ear open.  Just in case.

I didn't mind a bit...and thankfully,  he's feeling a bit better today.  Needing a bit more TLC than usual, but that's OK with me.

This job of Alex's mom, is secure. 


All these pictures?  

A Friday night, pre-ear infection, dinner party.  Toasted bread soaked in olive oil.  Pot roast.  Risotto.  Homemade, by a talented 13 year old baker, chocolate chip cookies.  

And, not planned by me but the perfect addition...rain.


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