Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Decorations

I love the punkin patch and while this was a quick pick up a cornstalk and a bale of hay trip...I will be dragging the whole family here for the annual photo op.

It's just the way it goes, boys.

And remember, if the mama is happy....everyone is happy.

Once we got home (we also hit up the Italian market and Costco) that guy that I like so much hopped on the fence...
...and put up the pumpkins.

(though he did ignore my request to put lit pumpkins all along the whole roof line...)

Brian came home from school and threw his arms in the air (like only Brian can do) and exclaimed, "why does our house have to always look so happy? Normal people have scary Halloween houses!!!"

So we bought the spider of doom for the front.

See? Scary!

Today is cold and overcast and perfectly dreary...aside from recovering from a very lovely late night dinner party last night, this is what my day is all about:

(the never ending piles of laundry....)


  1. What a cute spider! (Brian should like that) I've given up on the outdoor corn stalks. The squirrels tear them apart, and it attracts the field mice. I finally got one pumpkin for the front door step, but I'll keep my flowers for as long as possible. It's been warm enough that I still have pink flowers!

  2. I have a few of those piles lying around my house. LOL I have yet to get out any decorations. My house is a complete disaster and I have told myself it needs to be cleaned before I take anything out. hmmm bets on whether or not I decorate?


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