Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night

Our little house on our little street is slowly becoming autumn-ized.

I like that.


Tonight that guy that I like so much made his famous pasta for supper while I sat at the counter and watched, talked with the boys and paying a couple of bills online.

Minus paying the bills part, it was the perfect end to a really long week.

Next week I am planning on finding my rhythm and actually only working the hours I am paid to work. Also next week there are two eye doctor appointments followed by two dental appointments which makes for extremely happy boys...but I am not going to tell them quite yet.

I don't want their joy to ruin my weekend.

Although our dentist does give out fresh baked cookies after your visit, which aside from being sick and wrong is a brilliant marketing a cookie and they are sure to have your return business either with a cavity or just to get a warm, gooey cookie.

(and yeah...I think it's kinda weird, but he is a really good dentist.)


The grand plan for tonight is to continue reading Harry 7. And maybe eat some pear tart.

That's about it.




  1. I'm still on Harry Potter book 6, although I'm two thirds of the way through. I'm thinking I also need to watch the movies again to get ready for the big day in November.

    I know someone who is reading a book of essays called The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy. It's about the ethics of using a love potion, the redemption of Severus Snape, the educational model of Hogwarts, the nature of people, etc. It might be an interesting read if I go into Harry Potter withdrawal.

    Tonight, however, Mike and I are going to watch Ghost Writer and then I am going to stay up past my bedtime to watch Jane Lynch host SNL. I'm hoping they'll do at least one GLEE spoof or that she'll do a Weekend Update as Sue Sylvester :)


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