Friday, July 2, 2010


Alex's knee surgery was one week ago today and while the picture below is really gross in a you can't stop looking at it sort of way, it just amazes me that his whole surgery was done thru four tiny holes.


This same surgery just 3 years ago would have resulted in a four inch long incision. Crazy. Unfortunately it doesn't look this pretty soon as the packing came off it swelled and turned all sorts of lovely colors, but that's OK. It's healing. The hard difficult part begins in the next week or so when therapy starts...but Alex was the one who pointed out that at least then he'll be doing something rather than just watching and waiting.

Other than that, we're all just settling into the rhythm of summer...and it's glorious.

It was worth the wait.


I even spent a whole afternoon this week in the quiet, making lots and lots of new jewelry for an upcoming sale at a local boutique.

This is my new favorite...but check out the website for lots of new pretties!

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