Saturday, July 24, 2010


Say. It. Isn't. So.

Another food truck?

I'm tellin' ya...we're either crazy or we're on to something.

Or both.


Introducing Piaggio. Argentinean meets Italian.

Another pretty straight forward menu. I like that.
I cried when I saw the size of this burrito. Doesn't take much.
That guy that I like so much had the churrasco, which is some ancient recipe handed down from generation to generation and has never been altered.

(said while waiving arms wildly)

I love passionate peoples.

All in all...if you see the truck , follow it.


Came home and gathered all the offspring 'round the computer to watch Matthew perform live in Texas.

Though let me say this.

Ignorance truly IS bliss.

Normally he performs and later that night we'll get a text telling us about the show and asking for scores.

But this new live broadcast thing? Nerve-wracking. We watched his group line up and then head back into the tunnel and the announcement to evacuate the stadium...somethin' about lightening and a tornado warning and then pouring rain.


Normally I wouldn't have a clue.

They ended up performing and it all worked out. San Antonio today.

Let's see...I took Brian to Costco with me and came home with not only a boston cream pie but the worlds largest bucket of cheeseballs.
Anyone want some?



  1. Hey ill take some of those cheese balls. lol Glad everything is going well for you guys.

  2. The food trucks sound like fun! We don't have anything like that in the Chicago suburbs. In the city of Chicago they are limited to premade and prepackaged food prep, cutting, or cooking is allowed. Gotta love those city ordinances.


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