Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

If you set up tables in the backyard (or garden, as it is called in Italy)...

...and IF you make a large amount of coffee,
...then they will come.

Some via skype from across an ocean.

One of my favorite neighborhood gatherings of the year...the annual pancake breakfast.

1. because I love pancakes with my my neighbor Elisa's homemade blueberry syrup and I will stop hosting this party when she grows up and doesn't bring it


2. because I love my neighborhood. But you already know that.

So we packed the house with lots and lots of friends and neighbors and made lots and lots of pancakes.

Matthew is performing at the Rose Bowl today (last nights show was so awesome!) but the rest of us are here. Grilled teriyaki chicken (with grilled pineapple) sandwiches for supper accompanied by lots and lots of sangria (but you didn't hear it from me) followed by lots and lots of s'mores followed by lots and lots of fireworks at the end of our street.

Happy 4th of July!

(this post brought to you by the words 'lots and lots'.)


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  1. Hello, my friend and happy Fourth of July to you-although that was not a problem for you today!!! What a great day you had, from beginning to end. Perfect. Margie, the woman who drove across the country with me, lo, those many years ago, is coming in Thursday night for a couple of nights visit. So, I am spurred to engage in 'spring' house cleaning. In July. Yikes. As someone who is a saver, I am attempting to purge....I am on vacation as of today and I have to go back to work Thursday, so these will be very busy days. The only fireworks I saw were right here in my place, on the news!!
    Happy 4th!
    Love, Kathy


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