Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Years ago when I was a younger than I am now momma of three younger than they are now boys, I was different.

Different than now.

Different in the fact that on every Sunday, I would rise early and start the 'presentation'. The presentation of our little family at church. My husband back then (and yes, I still have the same husband) was a full time church worker and every Sunday, rain, snow or shine, we were all put together. Color coordinated. Matchy, matchy.

Fact is, it was important to me. I wanted us to look the part. Not that it mattered to anyone, but it was a really big deal to me.

And then one day, those little buggers (or boogers) of mine developed little minds of their own and balked at the idea of matching. And I realized that it just didn't matter.


So now on Sunday mornings, I get myself ready. The boys get themselves ready. They do have simple guidelines...shower. Comb your hair. Collared shirt.

They make me laugh. But in the end, it doesn't matter what's goin' on with their clothes because I'm seeing what's happening to their hearts.

And I am thankful.

Even if they do look a little unkempt.


Today is Mother's Day.

I am so in love with these three guys God has trusted me to raise and I am lovin' each and every day with them.

And to the one who tried to cover up the basketball sized hole in his bedroom wall (with duct tape, nonetheless), I am on to you.

I still love you, but you're in trouble.



  1. I so wish that we had lived closer to each other as our kids were growing up. You are an awesome mama! Love ya

  2. Duct tape? For reals? I would have at least had the "urge" to rearrange my room. But then again, I'm a girl. lol.
    Love you.

  3. To Alex, oh, I mean the son who put the basketball size hole in the wall, next time, just stick a poster over it! Your mom will never find it!

  4. Duct tape use means he is truly becoming a man!


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