Monday, May 17, 2010

La Dolce Vita

It’s been 4 years since my feet have touched Italian soil.

Four long years.

After travelling for hours upon hours, involving an international flight with a wicked shimmy and more than one approach (lovely....NOT!) into Heathrow, plus another shorter flight on to Rome, I thought we’d be exhausted.

But sleep can happen in America. Time in Rome is short.

We checked our group into the hotel…a hotel far nicer than any we have stayed at (gotta love the location, too….quite literally across from the ancient walls in the historic center and right near a club that at 4am is still going strong outside my window!), showered and had a typical hotel dinner.

The best part? It was that guy that I like so much’s birthday and we were in Rome. Go figure.


After dinner and after some wine and after feeling like time was short, we loaded up our friends Alba and Rafael, grabbed a taxi and had a birthday party, complete with tartufo and some rain drops (sigh) at Pizza Navona.

Hello? Rome AND tartufo (and a cafe full of people singing to you?) on your birthday?? Can it get any better?

In a few hours we’re heading out to conquer Rome for the day. My goals involve ‘un etto’ of pizza and a gelato for a snack, plus lots and lots of people watching.

Big goals, huh?


( I wrote that last night and I am too tired to write more today (mainly because my limoncello is kicking in....) but here's a sneak peak at today.


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  1. Italy! We feel the same about that very special country. OK, you moreso, probably, but I do so love it too. Rome and friends and M's birthday. No, nothing comes close. Glad you got there alright. Doesn't sound like the best trip over.
    I LOVE limoncello.


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