Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Made It

I am happy to report that we have officially made it to Spring Break.

Yep, we did.

It was touch and go there for awhile and today was a bit rough, but we did make it.


That guy that I like so much has been home the last few days and spent lots of time taking our backyard from dreary winter to spring time...and it is gorgeous. He's actually cracking me up...there is just no way he can relax with it being Holy Week (once a church worker, always a church worker) and the Messiah opening next weekend, so he's been pacing. A lot.

But the backyard is pretty.


Last night we celebrated Good Friday at church...I love the conversations that are happening in my houseful (or car full, in this case) as my boys get older regarding the true sacrifice that God made for us and witnessing it become more personal for them.

The drive home was lively and included a stop at Nick's for pizza's to go...some sort of meat laden creation for the boys and my dream pizza for M and I.

No sauce, just cheese and spinach.
And a sicilian tomato salad on the side...tomatoes, capers, olives, olive oil and basil. I could seriously live on this stuff.
I went to bed late and woke up way early...I made pot of coffee, grabbed a blanket and sat outside to work on my bible study. No one is even stirring yet and I don't expect them to for awhile.

Today I am doing all the cooking for Easter...lasagne, meatballs, stuffed pork roast with white wine and caramelized onions and maybe a dessert or two. An Italian feast for that oldest son of mine and who said, ' ham.'

And because I like him, there will be no ham.


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