Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip

  • On Monday, Brian left for outdoor science school (on a bus) with the rest of his 6th grade class, 87 miles (and up a mountain) away.
  • On Tuesday, I drove 87 miles (and up a mountain) to the camp and picked him, along with 4 others (3 were planned, one was sick) up and then drove them 87 miles (and down a mountain) home.
  • Wednesday morning, I picked up 4 kids and the principal and drove 87 miles (and up a mountain) AGAIN, hung out at the camp for a few hours (to stretch my legs and steal some of the teachers snacks) and then drove 87 miles (and down a mountain) home.

So they could perform with the Irvine Honors Orchestra at Segerstrom Hall last night.

Utterly, totally, completely cool.

We've got some talent in this city of ours...and a district that 'gets' the arts.

But now there is no way I am sitting in a car again today.

Except that guy that I like so much is taking me out to dinner and I am not walking, so I guess I will be sitting in a car again today.


Here's a little taste of my baby up at camp:


  1. So did Brian actually own a pair of shoes or did you have to find someone who had a pair among the flip flops?

  2. OMG! That IS so cool that he played in the Irvine Honors Orchestra! SO not cool about the whole mountain drive you managed to make too many times. Nightmare......and yet cool. You are amazing.
    Hey, I just ordered an initial necklace for my friend Kirsten and somehow it is being sent to me instead of her.....Help! i will give you a call to sort this out, OK?
    Where are you going out to eat? I have been telling (bragging) people about the most amazing breakfast at Beachcomber's....I can still taste it. Thank you yet again.
    Hope you are having a good weekend. It was a busy day-2 weddings(I was cantor at one and played and directed the other), 2 choir rehearsals and I cantored for a weekend Mass. Such is the life of a church musician-as you know. Tomorrow-humid and in the 90's. What is up with that?
    Take care,Kathy


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