Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break, Day 2

I am so totally digging Spring Break.

(can you tell from the so and the totally that I went to high school in the 80's? Like, yes I did!)

It started off a little quiet. Right off the bat, Brian was invited to play at his friends house the next town over, which then turned into a sleepover. Alex, at the ripe old age of 16, is experiencing (thanks to good grades and open communication) some new found freedom like never before. And that guy that I like so much is hard at work putting food on the table.

So the beginning of Spring Break was quiet.

And I was bored.

But eventually all these young 'un's that I love so much GOT HUNGRY and made their way back to me.

Whatever it takes, people. Whatever it takes.

And once their bellies were full of all sorts of Spring Break-ish kinds of food, like burgers and corn dogs and burritos and smoothies, I sprung the schedule on them.

"Sweet boys of mine?" I said as I placed another piping hot plate of chemical laden treats in front of them. "Tomorrow after the dentist, let's go get new shoes!"

"OK, Mom!" they managed to say with mouths full of food.

I smiled.

It was a full 10 minutes later when Alex comes back out from his man-cave.

"Did you say DENTIST????"

He's quick, I tell ya.

So on this Day 2 of Spring Break, we covered the dentist and the haircuts and the shoes and the doctor for camp physicals. I threw in some fun stuff too...like a trip to the bank.

Tomorrow we play.


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  1. Sounds like our spring break last week. Dentists, errands, etc.


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