Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sophia and Harry

Happy Birthday, Miss Sophie! We had dinner at G & J's house to celebrate Sophie turning 3. She is such a spark...we love you, Sophie!

Alex and Grandma much food can one person eat? Meaning Alex, NOT Grandma Sandy! That boy kept eating and eating and eating...he told us on the way home it was the best meal he has ever had. =0)

I am so glad little Logan came along...he is inheriting some really cool boy toys!
That was some mighty fine wine!!! (And hello? When did you both start looking alike?)

And this morning, Harry arrived! Brian came running in with the long awaited package. We actually got up this morning and listened to JK Rowling read the 1st chapter out loud, online. Very cool. Years ago, Matthew and I met her at a book signing and we had promised him that we would go to London for the release of the final book. Drum corps took over and he is OK with that...maybe we'll go for the release of the final movie!

And now, NO MORE BLOGGING until this book is finished. Ready, set....GO!

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