Friday, July 13, 2007


It's Friday. Already? Here's the past few days...

*We all went to see Harry Potter together. Is it appropriate for an almost 9 year old? Probably not, but being the youngest, he does many things his brothers haven't. Sigh.

*Three boys plus one husband are now wearing new shoes, plus throw in a pair of new soccer cleats and a new pair of basketball (court only) shoes, and remembering when I could feed my family for a whole MONTH on that same amount of money.

*Our neighborhood pool. Followed by snacks and tree climbing at our house. Can life get any better?

*My whole family is sleeping under the same roof again. Makes me happy, even if he's been gone everyday between choir camp and drum corps. His bed has still been slept in, and that is a good thing.

*No suppers together, but today was lunch out. All together. Lobster tacos with Mango salsa. Again. And again and again and again.

*An evening out with my girlfriends.

*Playing lots of cribbage while sipping Sangria in our very beautiful backyard.

*Finished reading HP books 6 and 7 (in 4 days!) and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the last book next week. Or should I say books. I ordered 3 copies, because we just don't share well. =0) After we read them , one copy will go to G & J, and another will go to a neighbor. The 3rd will be kept in our family library.

*Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning of our attic, which is HOT. Really HOT. How many toys can one family have? Anyone need a lamp? We obviously thought that the 20yr old lamps might just come in handy, which is why we saved them all. How about some dishes? I have 5 sets of mismatched dishes. And about 50 (no kidding!!!) coffee cups with various mismatched saucers.

* And for fun...we turned our house phones off when we went on vacation (we had a student staying here), and we cannot figure out how to turn them back on! OK, so we NEVER answer the phone anyway, but it is so strange to suddenly hear voices from the answering machine. I am sure there is a manual somewhere, but no one has tried hard to find it. Maybe we never will...

*Off to dinner. I've been missing my friend Nick. More on him later! =0)

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