Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Dive

Yesterday was a day spent at Knott's (I have a great video, but cannot figure out how to upload it!) and out for dinner at Nick's, where we ran into a former student of M's and his new wife. Today we ran a few errands, I did my Meals on Wheels run, and then an afternoon at the high dive pool. This pool is my least favorite or the 20 or so that we have to choose from in our neighborhood, but Brian really wanted to go there today. The boy has no fear!

Over and over and over again!
Matthew is back at drum corps, Alex is off to a movie and dinner with some friends of ours, and I am ignoring the incredibly messy house. For a few minutes, anyway. I am worried about one of the woman on my MOW route; she was having a really rough day and didn't look well at all.

Also, just found out that Michael's Aunt Grace died last night. She had been battling cancer for a relatively short time and was such a vibrant person...she will be missed here on earth. Her laugh was contagious, as was her love of God. I am sad for her husband of many, many years...

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