Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go Away Grumps

My girlfriend called me last night (during a commercial of The Bachelor) and said, 'What's up with the Moody Blues?'

My reply, 'I dunno. Nights in White Satin?'

And then I laughed at my own joke, because that's what I do.


(I loooooove the Moody Blue's. Yet another concert that I went to with my Aunt Judy in high school, when I was supposed to be sleeping at my friend Dawn's house. I remember this concert well because I still have a scar on my thumb from the burn I got waiving a bic lighter.)

So, back to the moody blue question.

I was at home watching The Bachelor alone, with a husband who was out of town. My girlfriend was at home watching The Bachelor, with a husband out of town, though she was also multi tasking and reading my blog.

And I guess I've been a little grumpy lately. Sorry.

It's been a combo of letting work get to me and a Lenten commitment I made...which I am struggling with. But that's the point, I suppose, and I am praying. Lots.

Work is better. Or at least I am trying better to not let it get to me.

In boy news, Alex brought home a book.

Pretty exciting!

I wasn't so sure that he even had any school books, so there was much rejoicing in all the land.

(he laughed, too, by the way.)


That guy that I like so much comes home tomorrow night. Whew. I'm hoping he can find the bird that the cat brought in yesterday. It's somewhere, just playing hide and seek and waiting for an adult male to find it. The younger boys and I have searched (even calling olly olly oxen free...loudly!) but it has yet to be found.

Plus, I am ready to cook. Let's see (and please don't judge even though you'll want to), we have eaten at Maggiano's, Taleo, Taco Rosa, had shamrock shakes at McD's, Costco pizza and Taco Bell. Heavy on Mexican and big on $$$. Pretty sure we will not be eating out any more this month. Or maybe next, too. I've got a few new recipes I want to try...one for a pesto lasagne and another for a pasta with broccolini and asparagus. Guess my body is craving green. And unprocessed.

Tonight I am making pasta with pancetta and asparagus, which the boys love...artichokes on the side. No driving tonight, so once Alex is home we are in for the night. I have grand plans to finish filing a huge stack of papers and sleep. Sleep would be nice.



  1. Make sure you have the full 8 minute version with "Lame Lement"... breathe deeep the gathering gloom, watch the lights fade from every room...


  2. The Moody Blues are coming to Ravinia this summer...although Mike and I were discussing that some of these groups have very few original member touring. I think we'll use my gift certificate for something else...Chanticleer? Broadway's Kelli O'Hara? the Irish folk duo from the movie Once? Steve Martin with his bluegrass band? Hmmmmm.

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