Monday, March 8, 2010


It's grey and cloudy and drizzly outside.

I wouldn't mind, but I am so ready for spring.

And for a clean patio. With flowers blooming. Lots of twinkly lights and candles. And people over drinking wine until the wee hours.

Jewelry orders to fill today...and a few new ideas for designs, so I'll try them out, as usual, using copper. Cheaper, even though I watch the silver market like a hawk and order when it hits that financial sweet spot.

It's been an incredible 5 days or so with that guy that I like so much...he came home from his trip and ditched a conference to catch his breath and just be home. No work emails. No work phone calls. Nothing but home sweet home.

But this morning he went back and I went to work and now I miss him.

Though tonight we have a wedding to attend. Bachelor weirdo creepy Jason is getting married on TV, so the TiVo is set to record and we're going to pretend we are there...because I am a weirdo, too.

But first I have to do some laundry because wish as I might, no one showed up to do it for me. And clean the boys bathroom, though as they get older it is easier because I can threaten cell phone cut off if they don't pick up their wet towels. Possibly a little sweep action of the floors, too. I might sneak in a little Dr Mario game or two while the house is quiet, even though I should be at the gym.

It's one will ever know.


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