Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday AM

  • 6:15am. Alarm goes off. Groan, but get up. Bible study, make lunches, make breakfast, feed cats, unload dishwasher and fill a travel mug with coffee.
  • 7:00am. Dash (dash being a figurative word here) to my car. Input some pre-planned intersection into GPS and start driving.
  • 7:05am. Reach for coffee, but realize my arm is not long enough to reach the kitchen counter where it is sitting. Hope that guy that I like so much at least drinks it, though he HATES the fancy schmancy vanilla creamer I use.
  • 7:20am. Rejoice in company policy that I am paid for every mile I drive. Park my car, don black work jacket, evaluate crossing guard.
  • 8:15am. Back in car. Repeat GPS maneuver. Drive to yet another crossing guard.
  • 8:30am. Back in car again. Drive home. Walk around lake with girlfriend and lukewarm coffee. Snap above picture.
  • 9:45am. Home. Pull frozen meatloaf out of freezer. Answer emails.
  • 10:15am. Eat some chili cheese flavored fritos while catching up on Real Housewives of OC, thankful that cameras aren't watching me eating fritos because I don't want anyone to know about it.

Such is my life on this Thursday morning. Exciting, huh? Come on, spill. I can't be the only one who eats fritos for breakfast...or am I?


  1. Fritos can be breakfast, lunch OR dinner on any given day.

  2. Eow gross. Chili cheese flavor Fritos? I retract my post. Blech.

  3. I was desperate...but they were pretty good. Try 'em!

  4. You are a night person, aren't you? 6:15 is early. But, you get so much done so early. I hate the early morning, unless I am in bed. As to the Fritos.....I never usually have them in the house. I am more a potato chip person and I try not to have those in the house either, but sometimes they just make their way in anyway...

  5. I forgot to mention who the 'chip woman' is-it is me,your east coast friend, Kathy


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