Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Better.

Following a week of being homebound, aside from brief stints at work, I was feeling....well, homebound.

And in need of some time out.

First things first. Breakfast. Specifically, a spinach and egg bagel from The Coffee Spot.

A trip to TJ's was next up and it just might've been in a car with the top down on this warm and sunny day, though our thoughts did go out to our Colorado friends who were in the midst of a snowstorm.

While that guy that I like so much unpacked the goods, I walked up and watched Brian run in his final elementary school jog-a-thon. It was his 6th and my 14th.



That's mine in the red shorts, laying in the front. He's a hoot, I tell ya.
After, I needed nourishment. Quick. So off we drove, once again with the top down, toward the ocean to Zov's for a greek-fest.

Some hummus. Some stuffed grape leaves. Some babba ganoush.

Some happy, happy people.
Home in time for boys. Supper? Chicken, roasted with lemon and kosher salt and the most amazing pesto lasagne ever. Ever.

It wasn't until later that I discovered that I had a little sunburn...and a lovely white spot where my necklace was.

Excuse the wrinkles, please.

Tomorrow is all about the garden.



  1. Your eating out budget must be giant. Jelous? ME? NAH...

  2. Did my grocery shopping in the snow today and ran into TJ's (did you mean Trader Joe's?) for a few things. Why is it that I always come home with something chocolate from that store? Today it was sea salt brownies...yum!

    I'm hoping for a little bit of sun on my spring break, but I doubt it will be warm enough to turn me pink. Oh well. I'll be happy with some time at the gym, some dates for lunch and tea, some shopping, and some cleaning...entire days to myself!

  3. I like the boy with his back to the camera. Why do I get the feeling that he was not fooling around but instead had no idea he was supposed to be posing for a picture!?


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